Barak Lahav is an independent fashion designer. The brand  was established in Tel Aviv, 2013.   

Underlined by a clean and refined style, “Barak Lahav” consists of ready-to-wear fashion collections, separated to casual and formal attires. ​

 Barak Lahav releases several collections every year. They have a timeless appeal that nevertheless corresponds with contemporary zeitgeist. The brand ranges from fitted and sculptured silhouettes to an oversized, minimalist style. All of the items are measured on a spectrum of body types before manufacturing, to ensure that they can appeal to the personal styles of diverse women. The brand is 100% Israeli.

 All items are made from high quality fabrics and with high-end finishing. Each of them undergoes rigorous quality control by the designer to ensure their longevity in your wardrobe.    Bark Lahav  studied fashion design at L'institut Marangoni in Paris and at the Shenkar College of Engineering Art and Design in Israel. From its establishment in 2013, “Barak Lahav” caught the attention of local opinion leaders, and was featured in Israel’s most prominent fashion productions and magazines.